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Stubbornness of Vision Gallery

Installation, Video

stubborn |ˈstʌbən| adjective having or showing dogged determination not to change one's attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good reasons to do so.

Stubborness of Vision is a video installation that explores ideas on environment perception and interpretation.

The proposal is to create a vision system for the Martian tripods - the “war machines” - which the Martians that the Wells describes as “sluggard creatures” used on colonizing other worlds. In this interpretation the focus is on aspects of colonialism and dependency on technocracies to create a visualization that transpires the way our “world” is seen by an artificial / alien intelligence. The Martians trust these tripods to perceive and affect the world on their behalf, but how would a race with a different genealogy be able to correctly interpret the information that captures?

The project plays with ideas of abstraction and misunderstanding of the human form. The result is a composition that translates images from a camera in real time and imposes its own rules into the output, the “Stubbornness of Vision”, on an ever-flowing abstract environment.