light · video · interaction

Hidden Worlds Gallery

Hidden Worlds is an expression of my growing interest on unveiling invisible layers of the world that surround us. Making them tangible, relatable.

A petri dish exhibits intricate bacteria / galaxy structures who invite the spectator into its world as a flower blossoming, calling for contemplation and deep observation. These structures exist in a limbo between digital and merely invisible, however environment disturbances affect its composition revealing its digital nature.

The proposal for this installation is that of exploring emergent intelligence from low level simple interaction rules, inspired by the events of the discovery of microbiology and atoms, it feels fascinating to think of all the hidden layers of existence that surrounds us while we stand unaware. The guiding motto for the installation is “Contemplating digital skies”: a new aesthetic proposition on finding a language to reveal yet another layer of invisible hyper-digital creatures. Its meaning and beauty.

Find out more on the process over in tumblr